Wikimedia Foundation Board Elections 2021 stv droop-quota en 2021-08-18T00:00:00Z 2021-09-01T00:00:00Z 368 JSutherland (WMF)|Tim Starling (WMF)|DRochford (WMF) 2 1079/list/include-list 1079 // votewiki 20210815000000 1 1 A Wikimédia Alapítvány 2021-es kuratóriumi választása Wikimedia Foundation Board Elections 2021 <div style="background: #e6f3f9; border: 3px solid #0082c0; margin: 4px 2px; font-weight: bold; padding: 10px 10px;">[ Learn more about the candidates]</div> This election will result in four candidates being elected to the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees. * This election is using the Single Transferable Vote methodology ("STV"). There is [ an explanation of the calculation process on Meta-Wiki]. * On the voting page is a sequence of dropdown boxes. Starting from the top of the page, select the candidates in order of preference, from "Preference 1" (most preferred) to "Preference 19" (least preferred). * You do not need to vote for every candidate. You may stop ranking candidates at any point. For example, you can choose to only rank one candidate, or four candidates, or all of the candidates. * Candidates need to be ranked without skipping numbers in-between. Skipping numbers will result in an error. For example: *: Preference one: Dog *: Preference two: ''(blank)'' *: Preference three: Cat * This is not allowed. Preference three cannot be added without adding preference two. * You cannot rank the same candidate multiple times. Ranking the same candidate multiple times will result in an error. For example: *: Preference one: Dog *: Preference two: Dog *: Preference three: Cat * This is not allowed. Candidate "Dog" was ranked twice. * You are allowed to vote again in the election. This will overwrite your previous vote. You can do this as many times as you like. <small>([ Help to translate these instructions])</small> A szavazás egy központi wikin fog zajlani. Az odajutáshoz kattints az alábbi gombra. The vote will be conducted on a central wiki. Please click the button below to be transferred. Wikimédia Alapítvány 2021-es választási portál Wikimedia Foundation elections 2021 portal Sajnos nem szerepelsz a szavazásra jogosultak listáján. A [ szavazási segédletben] találsz további információt arról, ki jogosult szavazni, és hogyan kerülhetsz fel a listára, ha egy hibából kifolyólag lemaradtál róla. We apologize, but you do not appear to be on the eligible voter list or there was another issue with verifying your account. Please visit [ the voter help page] for more information on voter eligibility and information on how to be added to the voter list if you are eligible. local